Jazz above the Vltava

When: 27.06.2017 18:00, Where: Hotel Růže

Jan Spálený & ASPM


The Amateur Association of Professional Musicians currently performs in the line-up:

  • Jan Spálený – piano, cornet, vocals
  • Michal Gera – flugelhorn, trumpet, vocals 
  • Filip Spálený – tuba, double-bass
  • Filip Jeníček – percussion
  • Radek Krampl – vibraphone

Occasional guests:

  • Radek Pobořil – akordeon /accordion
  • Rosťa Fraš – saxofon / saxophone


A music director, dramaturge, night-time teller of radio fairy tales and the father of Czech blues, Jan Spálený was born in 1942 as the first child to very young art-loving parents. As a child, he poorly and unenthusiastically scraped the violin. After having swayed through adolescence, he discovered Dixieland, the gateway to the world of jazz, and improvisation. Most significantly, he encountered wind instruments, which he has loved ever since.

Following his studies at a secondary school, he started to work as a labourer at a factory in Rudý Letov. Between 1964 and 1968, he attended the Prague Conservatory. He played in turn the trombone, tuba, baritone-saxophone, and at the age of 56 he began learning how to play the cornet. Over the course of time, he has performed Dixieland, rock 'n' roll, rhythm & blues. He and his brother Petr had the bands Hipp's and Apollobeat. He has performed as a guest with pop groups, and devoted to music that is commonly referred to as classical. Since 1984, he has been fully dedicated to the ASPM ensemble.

Throughout his life, Jan Spálený has composed music, written lyrics, arranged music, and managed to provoke …




Hana Pelzová - director

phone: +420 721 470 558

e-mail: pelzova@komorni-festival.cz

Marek Tůma – production

phone: +420 777 243 992

e-mail: produkce@komorni-festival.cz

Alena Svobodová – PR

e-mail: ala.svobodova@seznam.cz